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The Galgos del Sur Association is a non-profit organisation based in Cordoba, a province severely punished by animal abuse and neglect. Cordoba is an important greyhound area and is among the provinces with a high rate of abandonment and slaughter of greyhounds and other animals in Spain. Galgos del Sur was born as a response to this situation. From the Association we fight against the abandonment and mass slaughter of these beautiful animals, to make society aware of this problem and to give a new life to rescued galgos by finding good families for them. Unfortunately it is not only greyhounds that are victims of this degrading treatment, but also dogs of other breeds used for hunting that meet the same end. For these podencos, bretones, bracos, pointers, and a long list of dogs that in many occasions are the forgotten ones that die by the thousands in municipal or provincial kennels (extermination centres financed with public money) or wander along roads and paths finding a certain death.

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The hunting community is one of the main responsible for “feeding” the kennels and shelters in our country, although it is not the only one. Hunters breed unchecked, select animals by getting rid of those they consider useless in various ways, trade and bargain with the lives of those they consider mere tools and, in too many cases, keep these animals in absolutely unhealthy conditions. In spite of everything, this group enjoys institutional support, although fortunately it is gradually receiving less and less social support. From the Asociaci√≥n Galgos del Sur we ask for a strict control of this group and, of course, the immediate prohibition of greyhound hunting in our country. If you can no longer look the other way and ignore the problem, if you want to be part of the change, if you want to help other more defenceless beings join us, this is your place and there are many ways to participate.

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