Become a Donor Collaborator of Galgos del Sur

Join us in sharing the objectives of the association, because the more of us there are, the more pressure we will be able to exert to bring about change. From as little as €6/month and up to the amount you can contribute. This money will be used entirely to help the animals, as the association does not have any staff and/or administrative costs (these are paid by the volunteers who participate).

Make a one-off donation

It can be any amount, however small it may be, it will be a grain of sand in a mountain. To cover a veterinary expense for a specific dog, for example, or you can make other material contributions such as collars, food, blankets, dog beds, etc., which will be donated to those most in need.

Sponsor a greyhound

Has a story touched your heart? has the look of one of these little ones won you over but you can’t adopt? Well, this is your option, in this way you will contribute to that animal having a better life, you will be part of its new life.

Shelter home

Do you live in Córdoba and have the space and time to have a dog? Well, you can consider the best and most supportive way to have a pet and that is to become a foster home. For some time many animals rescued due to various problems (recovery from injuries, wounds, etc., socialisation, lack of space in shelters ….) need a home to help them make the “leap” to their new life. For a while you will share your home, your love and your time with a wonderful person who will thank you for life. And above all you will have the satisfaction of having saved a life – is there anything better?


We need help to publicise animals, make translations, produce audiovisual material to raise awareness of the problem, take animals to and from the vet, contact adopters, foster homes, associations, etc. If you are a “handyman” you can collaborate by making different objects to sell (100% of the proceeds go to the dogs). We need volunteers to take the animals to the airport, as the main departure of the greyhounds is abroad. We operate mainly with Málaga airport, and occasionally with Seville airport.

You can also help in the day to day running of our shelter, there are hundreds of things to do every day and there is nothing more satisfying than being side by side with the galguitos, helping in their recovery and maintenance.

As you can see there are many ways to actively collaborate with the noble galguitos.
What are you waiting for?