Who we are

The Association Galgos of the South is an organisation without spirit of profit located in Cordova, province seriously punished by mistreatment and abandonment of animals.

It is an important zone where hunters chase with hounds. Cordova lies between Spanish provinces with a huge index of abandonment and sacrifice of galgos, and other animals.

Galgos of the South is the answer to this situation. From the Association we try to fight against the abandonment and massive sacrifice of these beautiful animals, to bring consciousness to the society and sensitise people on this problem and to give a new life to rescued galgos looking for good families for them.

Lamentably not only these greyhounds destined to the hunting are victims of this degrading treatment, but also dogs of other races used to hunt find the same end. It is absolutely forgotten that these podencos, bretones, setters, pointers, and a long list of other dogs die to thousands in municipal or provincial perreras (centers of extermination financed with public money) or ramble by highways and ways finding death in car accidents.

The group of hunters is one of the main responsibles “to feed” the perreras and animal shelters in our country, although they are not the only ones. The hunters breed without control, select animals and dispose of those which they consider useless for different reasons, they deal and negotiate with the lives of which they consider mere tools and, in too many cases, keep these animals in absolutely unhealthy conditions.

Yet, this group enjoys the institutional support although fortunately little by little they are counting on less social support.

We from the Association Galgos of the South request a strict control to this group and, by all means, the immediate prohibition of the hunting with galgos in our country.

But, unfortunately, not only the galgos or hounds are suffering from this tremendous injustice, there are thousands of dogs and cats every year who are paying with their lives due to the irresponsibility of people. For this reason, the main target is to improve this situation and advance altogether as one organisation.

In addition, the Association Galgos of the South tries to help other animal rights associations in general, collecting funds, placing dogs and supporting these animal protection associations in specific cases with galgos and other needed dogs.

If you cannot continue watching towards another side and ignoring the problem, if you want to be part of the change, if you want to help to other defenseless beings join us, this is your place and there are many forms to participate.